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About us

We have a variety of MACHINES and VEHICLES, ranging in size from small to large, to cope with virtually any type of work and transport needs of individuals and companies. To ensure safety, all equipment is operated by expert operators, and we also take measures to address environmental pollution problems such as noise and exhaust.

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Who We Are?:

We are a Japan’s Legal Corporate Entity. Ours is a Limited Liability Company.
Incorporated under the Japan’s Corporate rules and regulations/Laws.
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What We Do?:

We buy used Construction Heavy Machinery from:

– Small & Medium size Contractors
– Individual Owners/End Users
– Rental Companies/Small & Medium

We do not buy from Auctions and or Big Companies

Why? To buy good machines at good prices so that we can sell good machines at good prices.

We export and prefer to export the bought machines to various overseas customers.
We avoid local sales as we feel our reputation as an Exporting Company will be disturbed.
But in some special cases we can accept FOB deals and local payments as well.

We buy used Vehicles from:

– From local dealers
– Our local sources network
– From various auctions

Why Choose Us?:

Because of our very competitive prices
Because we do not buy any Machine or Car which is not in work ready/good condition.
For more reasons, please visit our Website thoroughly and specially the “About Us Page”

Good Cars at Good Prices is our main goal.

Our Associated Partner

This make us a good Group of Companies, combining sources and energies and working like team makes aour vision and approach much larger.

Universal Japan Company Ltd
Address: 374-0038, Tatabayashi Negicho,
Minami Kundo 2619-6, Japan

Marjaan Trading Co., Ltd
Address: 348-0064, Hanyu-Shi,
Fujikamigumi 1168-4, Saitama-Ken, Japan

Mahar Corporation
Address: 2387-8, Kogure, Fujimimachi,
Maebashi-Shi, Gunma-Ken, Japan

Our Team


Ms. Yukari Aizawa

General Manager

Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki

Manager Admin

Ms. Ria Aizawa

Manager Accounts

Mr. Tomeshige Tsushima

Manager Sales

Mr. Takae Arai

Manager Sales

Mr. Usama Rashid

Manager Technical

Mr. Uno Nakao

Manager Shipping & Export Docs

Ms. Mary Natasha

IT Head

Mr. Souichi Takahashi

Our Corporate Advisor

Arai Judicial Scrivener’s Office
Saitama-Ken, Japan

Our Shipping Agents

Yokohama – JapanI
Tokyo – Japan

Our Accountants/Auditors/Tax Consultants

Chiba – Japan

Our Logistics & Container Loading CO

Tadahairo Nagai
Oyama Bando City – Ibaraki Pref.

Finally we thank you for your kind visit to our website and shall be looking forward to serve you the best way possible.